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A few weeks back Salman Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali were reuniting for the film and this news broke the internet news channel. These two will be coming together after 12 years and after Saawariya that also created buzz. But there is no news about the leading actress.

Then in recent time, Alia Bhatt visits Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office trigger rumors. Now it has been confirmed that Alia Bhatt is playing the actress lead role in the film.

Salman Khan also tweeted to spread the news, he said that it’s been 20 years but he is glad, Sanjay and Salman are finally back in the next film ‘Inshallah’. Looking forward to working with Alia and inshallah we all will be blessed on this journey.

Alia Bhatt

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Actually, this is great news for fans and one thing more Salman and Alia have never worked together before now they have a chance to work together or to make a blockbuster.

Salman and Alia both are collaborating the first time ever in history. Alia’s last movie Gully Boy was a hit and Salman’s last movie Race 3 also decent at the box office. The film titled ‘Inshallah’ and will be directing by SLB. Watching these two pair together it would be delightful moments to the fans and audience.

Alia bhatt and Salman Khan

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They are a different character and they are always playing different roles so it is a wonderful feeling to watch them on the big screen.


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