Notebook movie

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Movie Name:    Notebook
Director:          Nitin Kakkar
Actor:              Pranutan Bahi, Zaheer Iqbal, Mir Sarwar, and Muazzam Bhat
Rating:            3/5
Release Date:  27 March 2019 (India)
Music director: Vishal Mishra, Julius Packiam

Producers:       Salman Khan, Murad Khetani, Ashwin Varde, and Salma Khan

Notebook movie story: The story of this film is about a former army officer who left his job and became a teacher at school in Kashmir. After that he found a notebook from his previous teacher then he was falling in love with a woman which he had never seen.

Notebook Movie Review: The film Notebook is a romantic film and romance happened between (Pranutan Bahl) Firdous and (Zaheer Iqbal) Kabir who never meet in their life. Firdous is a teacher at distance school in Kashmir. She sent there because she refused to remove a tattoo from her hand.

She has a habit to write about her feelings of heart on dairy. She feels tired and pressure because of his arrogant boyfriend that’s why she gives interest in teaching to teach limited numbers of students. But after that, she left the school after one year because her fiancee put pressure on her.

She forgets her diary in school then diary is found by a former army officer Kabir who wants some time to change and want to become a teacher. Kabir has learned from that diary that how to deal with children in school and deal with his own life also.

Kabir started making his own thoughts in the notebook and write down his admiration for her. When he left school after one year and thinking to return again after completing a teacher’s training.

Suddenly Firdous picked that diary when she returned then she understands that she undoubtedly inspired a man. She developed many feelings for him. Either they will meet or not in real life this is the point of the notebook film.

If we talking about Notebook movie then this film is a remake of the Thai original. The film directed in Kashmir and the director and his writing team have done the good story in the issue of militancy. They have made a point that education is the key to away the young children minds from poisonous terrorism.

After all the movie is simple and old generation romance and something belongs to the Hrishikesh Mukherjee school. The camera work has done a great job to captures Kashmir’s lakes in the movie. The production is also good with the perfect theme which suits the film.

Where we all are finding romantic movies like lots of romance between the couples and here it’s good to watch two people falling in love with a notebook. If we talking about actors both are a debutant, Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl don’t have many roles and scenes together but they have done a great job with their acting and make an interesting pair.


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